We partner with TSO Host in order to provide state of the art hosting solutions and services, as well as unbeatable security and support for our clients.

Web Hosting

Key features of our hosting packages:

  • Super fast UK Hosting
  • Install with just 1-click
  • Free daily website backups
  • Friendly UK based support
  • No technical experience required
  • Full FTP / DB access allowed
  • Easily scale as your site grows
  • Free website migrations

24/7 Monitoring

For every server we manage a range of services by default. On the web service side this may include HTML, PING, MySQL, Diskspace, FTP, SSH etc. On the server side we monitor power supplies, hard drives, temperature and so on. This is why we say we take care of everything server related — all you are responsible for is your website or application. What you pay us for is the knowledge that you can go to bed and if your server has an error at 3am in the morning, we know about it and can fix it.

Full Management

One of the main differences you will find between us and our competitors is that we generally withold root (or Administrator) access to dedicated, and virtual dedicated servers, instead giving you access to make the changes you need in more controlled ways. That means that if, when that alert goes off at 3am, something obscure has broken, we have full documentation and history of everything that has been changed on the server environment.

The other benefit is that if you have a configuration request, for example to install a new PHP module or to install new server software, you just need to ask us to do it and we will, for no extra charge.

The best way to understand the level of monitoring we provide is to arrange a visit and see the systems team in action. Get in touch with a sales agent.


For any site, speed, reliability and security are paramount. For example, a second delay when loading a page could cause a visitor to return to Google and click the next link. In an e-commerce store, it would be a security vulnerability to allow remote access, and we also need to help you pass PCI-DSS compliance.

Of course we generally run the optimisation in the background; most customers trust our engineers to just get on and do it. Many servers fit into a variety of categories we automatically optimise for (e.g. WordPress-based blogs, WordPress sites, cPanel/WHM Resellers), but others require custom work. For those, it’s good to know about your site, its usage, and any upcoming changes, and for for complex requirements we even have a dedicated Complex Hosting team.

Cloud Web Hosting

Clustered over multiple servers, the Tsohost Cloud is the ultimate shared hosting platform, renowned for delivering superb page speeds, consistent reliability and effortlessly handling unforeseen traffic bursts. Utilising our unique, easy-to-use control panel, the Cloud is packed full with features, providing everything you need to get your blog, e-commerce store or business website up and running.

cPanel Hosting

Our standard Cloud Web Hosting packages are excellent, and recommended for most users. Nonetheless, there are a few reasons why you may like to host on our legacy platform, which utilises the proprietary control system, cPanel.
  1. You’re migrating from another cPanel host and you’d like to create a carbon copy on our system.
  2. You’re familiar with cPanel and don’t want to switch to our simple, yet advanced, control interface.
  3. You’re a migrating reseller with clients that require, or prefer, to reside on a cPanel platform.

SSL Certificates

What is an SSL Certificate?

A signed SSL Certificate from Tsohost not only facilitates the secure connection between your site and your visitors, it also verifies your identity so that the client can be reassured that their sensitive information is safe. The user will see a ‘padlock’ symbol or a green ‘https’ in their browser, assuring them of the authenticity of your website.

Our SSL Certificates are recognised in 99% of browsers and provide up to 256-bit encryption. The certificates can be used on any Tsohost hosting package or Managed Server, and can be purchased on an annual or biannual basis.

SSL installation only

If you’ve already purchased an SSL Certificate elsewhere and you’d like to use it on a domain hosted with us, then we are able to install it for you, at an annual fee.

Free Website Migration

Our free migration service can seamlessly migrate one or all your websites, applications, VPSs or Dedicated Servers to our premium hosting platform with little to no downtime.

Hosting Solutions

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) that is favoured by millions. Originally developed as blogging software, it is now the most commonly used web application for self-built websites across the Internet. Having optimised our systems to work seamlessly with the platform, we are now an industry favourite for optimised UK WordPress hosting.

Go through the steps below to see how the installer works on our cloud platform. Once WordPress is installed, you can add plugins and themes and start publishing your pages directly through the WordPress administration panel. If you have a WordPress site with another provider, we can migrate your website to us without experiencing downtime.

Ghost Hosting

Ghost is a revolutionary open source blogging platform with an emphasis on publishing. Designed as an alternative to feature packed content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla, Ghost is really, really good at one thing: blogging. Ghost runs on the Node.js platform, and is gaining impressive traction online thanks to its niche focus and enthusiastic development team.

We have been offering Node.js on our Dedicated Servers for some time, however we have now developed a bespoke managed Ghost hosting platform. Based on our Cloud Hosting product, but with dedicated Ghost infrastructure, we are able to run Ghost efficiently and reliably.

All Ghost plans feature instant setup, meaning you can be publishing your content in just a matter of minutes!

Joomla Hosting

Joomla is one of the world’s most popular open-source content management systems (CMS). A CMS is designed to be easily edited and updated by multiple users around the world, and Joomla excels at this. It is used to power the websites of millions of individuals, small and large businesses and organisations; allowing them to leverage the ease of use of Joomla with the power and functionality of an advanced CMS.

Tsohost offers Joomla as part of our 1-click install applications, allowing you to get up and running in just a couple of minutes. From there, you can start customising your Joomla website by creating your own template or using one of the many (10,000+) pre-made, freely available themes. You can also extend the functionality of Joomla significantly with additional modules, including shopping cart and SEO plugins – making Joomla a true end-to-end solution for your website.

Magento Hosting

Magento is the world’s leading e-commerce platform; the application of choice for both small businesses and multinational corporations alike. Thanks to it’s open-source, modular architecture, the software is loved for being flexible, customisable and well supported, yet still easy to use.

Due to high demand, Tsohost have developed a range of Magento optimised packages, with the aim of returning optimal application performance within a certain budget. We support everything from ‘Community Edition’ stores to ‘Enterprise’ installs, spread across your own private cluster. You have the option of three different solutions, detailed below.

PrestaShop Hosting

‘The Best E-Commerce Experience’ meets the best hosting experience

If you want a reliable and easy to use e-commerce platform, then you can not go wrong with PrestaShop. The backend is simple to use, boasts advanced features and is incredibly flexible when it comes to customising the look and feel of your website. There is an abundance of free and premium templates to install, and being supported by a great online community, you will never be short of help or technical guidance.

We have been hosting PrestaShop installations for years now, using optimised systems that can garner great performance without incurring any downtime. When you run an online shop these factors count – users can easily go elsewhere, so speed and uptime are absolutely paramount. Thousands of shop owners choose Tsohost because of our experience and competence.

Tsohost conveniently provides an auto-installer for PrestaShop, meaning the application can be setup directly on your hosting with just 1-click. No technical knowledge is required, as PrestaShop can be administered from the application dashboard. We can also handle the migration of your existing site to us, through our ‘Assisted Migraton’ service which is totally free of charge. We have created three PrestaShop hosting solutions to pick from, details of which are below.

Forum Hosting

Forums need to be consistently reliable. A forum is essentially a set of ongoing conversations that need to be uninterrupted and flowing around the clock, regardless of its size or popularity. A website that goes down, loses data, or is simply slow to load, will have a detrimental affect to your forum, restricting the success of your community. We can provide you with hosting that has the power and scalability to deal with your sites demands.

We host a diverse range of forums – from computer magazines, to trade unions, to gaming communities. Whether you have one hundred users or more than a million, we can provide a solution that gives your bulletin board the platform it requires.


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