Managed VPS

Powerful Virtual Private Servers for businesses. Built on the latest cutting-edge technology, our VPSs are designed to handle intensive sites, applications and development requirements at an affordable price. With a fully managed and custom configured VPS, you can depend on our renowned 24/7/365 UK based support to provide utmost stability, so you can concentrate on your business or project.

Managed Dedicated Servers

A fully managed server solution

Providing a high performance, reliable and flexible hosting solution our range of fully managed Dedicated Servers are custom configured and optimised to fulfill your unique business needs.  Hosted on the latest premium hardware within our fully owned UK data centres each server is proactively monitored by a team of experienced hosting specialists.

With free daily offsite backups of your server and 24 x 7 priority access to experienced UK based customer support team, you can focus on what really matters, your website.

Dedicated Email Servers

A Fast, Reliable & Secure Email Solution

Our range of feature rich Dedicated Email Servers are the perfect solution for hassle free, business class email management. Hosted on the latest premium hardware and supported by 24/7/365 proactive monitoring, you’ll benefit from superior email management with unrestricted send limits and super-fast delivery speeds.

Managed Magento Hosting

Harness optimal performance from your store

Magento is the world’s leading e-commerce platform; the application of choice for both small businesses and multinational corporations alike. Thanks to it’s open-source, modular architecture, the software is loved for being flexible, customisable and well supported, yet still easy to use.

Due to high demand, Tsohost have developed a range of Magento optimised packages, with the aim of returning optimal application performance within a certain budget. We support everything from ‘Community Edition’ stores to ‘Enterprise’ installs, spread across your own private cluster. You have the option of three different solutions, detailed below.

Complex Server Hosting

Seeking a solution tailored to you?

Complex Hosting is a solution designed by a systems engineer around your exact requirements, to provide the ultimate in reliability, performance and service. Whether you need 100% uptime with fail-over, a secure solution for taking card payments or cutting edge application environments, our experienced technicians are always happy to help and are available 24/7/365. Our typical IAAS (Infrastructure as a service) customer spends between £500 and £15,000 per month on a business critical solution, usually involving one or more dedicated servers.

As your infrastructure requirements become more advanced, a Complex Hosting solution presents improved performance, reliability and value for money over an out of the box alternative. Our starting point for any prospective customer is to establish the best technical solution for the website or application to be hosted, rather than to provide a solution that may be overcomplicated, overpriced or unsuited. Our greatest pride, and our greatest strength, is that we judge our success by technical proficiency (uptime, speed, resolutions…) rather than by purely financial means.

We have a standalone Complex Hosting department, composed of senior systems administrators, and dedicated account managers. Support and management is isolated from our shared hosting division; you can get through to a very advanced sysadmin immediately, and always. Our expertise in different technologies is so highly prized that Complex Hosting customers, among them many household names, trust us implicitly to run, scale and optimise their sites and applications.

SSL Certificates

What is an SSL Certificate?

A signed SSL Certificate from us not only facilitates the secure connection between your site and your visitors, it also verifies your identity so that the client can be reassured that their sensitive information is safe. The user will see a ‘padlock’ symbol or a green ‘https’ in their browser, assuring them of the authenticity of your website.

Our SSL Certificates are recognised in 99% of browsers and provide up to 256-bit encryption. The certificates can be used on any hosting package or Managed Server, and can be purchased on an annual or biannual basis.

SSL installation only

If you’ve already purchased an SSL Certificate elsewhere and you’d like to use it on a domain hosted with us, then we are able to install it for you, at an annual fee.

Managed Firewalls

Software Firewall Included as standard

All our managed servers come with a software firewall at no extra cost. The firewall will be configured by our expert sysadmins to permit connections to only the services you want to run, for instance an IMAP mail server or HTTP/HTTPS web server. This protects you from backdoor scripts, trojans and similar viruses that might compromise the security of your machine. We can also, on request, limit outbound connections to prevent unwanted software from calling home.

By default we will always disable remote database access in order to keep your sensitive data as secure as possible. Trusted IP addresses can be added to a whitelist (such as your office or home IP) and permanently allowed through the firewall.

Free Server Migration

Our free migration service can seamlessly migrate one or all your websites, applications, VPSs or Dedicated Servers to our premium hosting platform with little to no downtime.

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